Insurance Claims

insuranceAHAB repairs cars and trucks for every insurance company. However, some insurance companies have designated AHAB as a preferred shop. Customers are sent directly to our shop to ease and shorten the claims process.

Anaheim Hills Auto Body has been serving our customers for over thirty years and we work with every insurance company to provide an accurate estimate that meets the standards of your insurance company as well as factory dictates and the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. You may bring your car to us for repair regardless of your insurance company, and you have the legal right to have your car restored at the shop of your choice.

With our years of experience, our highly trained technicians, our advanced equipment and exceptional service, you will be doing yourself, and your car, a favor when you take advantage of our family-owned, 40 year reputation.

Simply bring your car to our facility. We will take over the insurance claims process and relieve you of these details. This is our job and we do it very well.

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