Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for an estimate?

No. There is never a charge for an estimate or consultation regarding your repair.

Do I need more than one estimate?

No. You have the right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice, regardless of your insurance carrier.

What if your estimate is higher than someone else?

Probably, because of our years of experience, that means we were more thorough in our inspection of your damage. Typically, a “cheaper” estimate means a required repair was overlooked. Our charges for repair are in-line with every other body shop. Every insurance company will work with our damage estimate.

Will you accept my insurance company settlement?

e work with every insurance company. In almost every case we will reach a repair- agreement. If not, we will review our estimate with you and discuss options. Our repairs for the required restoration of your car will not cost more than other shops and invariably is accepted by every insurance company.

Do you provide a warranty for your repairs?

Yes. We provide a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car. We have been in business for over 35 years and we will be here to honor our warranty.

Do I need to inform my insurance company before you repair my car?

If the insurance company will pay for the repairs, you need to inform them before we begin repairs. Once a claim number is assigned, we work with the insurance company for you to reach an agreed repair settlement.

Is a rental car available while you repair my car?

Yes. In fact we have an Enterprise rental agency in our office. You will not be required to shuttle to an offsite facility. This can avoid wasted time and inconvenience when you pick up the car and also when you return it.

My car is not drivable. Can you tow my car to your shop?

Yes. Simply call us with the location of your car and we will arrange to have it towed to our facility.

You are Authorized or Certified for Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Acura and Honda cars. What does that mean for me when you repair my Toyota?

It means a great deal. Our factory training and manufacturer authorizations mean that our technicians are given ongoing training as new models and technologies are introduced. Many of our technicians have been loyal employees for from 10 to 35 years. Our factory designations require that we purchase and maintain the latest equipment. This results in the accurate repair of every vehicle. We are only allowed to use finishing and paint materials that meet factory requirements. Our highly trained technicians, experience and quality materials assure the same professional repairs, regardless of the make, model and year of every vehicle.

What if the cost of repairs is more than my car is worth?

Usually, the insurance company reaches a cash-settlement with you for the cost of a replacement vehicle. This is usually your best option, but we will be happy to review a repair with you.


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