About Anaheim Hills Auto Body

The history of Anaheim Hills Auto Body goes back to the early 1950’s when Henry Smith entered the auto body business as a repair technician in Massachusetts. His job was interrupted when he was called to serve his country in the war in Korea. The Air Force took advantage of his skills and he continued to hone these skills during his tour of duty. After discharge, Henry was drawn to Southern California where he continued to repair vehicles for local automobile dealers.






In 1968 Henry decided it was time for him to operate his own shop, and with two partners purchased a shop in Orange County. After several years of successful operation of the shop and the experience of running the business, it was time for Henry to move on and he opened Anaheim Hills Auto Body on his own in Anaheim.

His sons, Patrick and Robert were an age to begin learning the collision repair business and spent most of their time around the shop. They literally learned the business from the ground-up by performing every job in the shop. They also found that they wanted the business as their career.

The boys assumed more and more of the responsibility of the operation of the business until today Robert is now president of AHAB. Unfortunately, Patrick passed on much too early. Patricks’ son Brady is now actively working at the shop and continues the Smith family tradition.



Automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Lexus recognize the professional operation of the shop and the dedication to quality. The manufacturers provide factory training on an on-going basis and have appointed AHAB as a certified and authorized shop. This is an honor provided to very few independent body shops. With this designation, AHAB is the exclusive repair facility for dealers in Orange County. We are also recognized by Verifacts through the ACE Awards.

This tradition of decades of quality repairs and service to our customers along with our warranty for as long as the car is owned is assurance that every customer will receive the same professional repairs, regardless of the make of car.